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I have always had an attraction to writing, as my blog entries over a number of years clearly indicate.  The act of transferring an abstract concept or idea, or creating a picture in the mind of the reader is something I find incredibly powerful.

Reading and reviewing work by other authors is one of two key skills involved in becoming a better writer.  Over at Unigon Plane, we focus on reading and reviewing independent authors.  This is enjoyable as we get to read interesting books that we may not have otherwise come across, and we promote independent authors who may be able to find a readership.

The second key skill to becoming a good writer is simply to write.  I exercise this skill to some extent by writing blog entries here and reviews over at Unigon Plane.  However, these are the artistic equivalent of a quick sketch.  The skill is not required to be as developed as for constructing a narrative, and doesn’t impose the same patience and “writing stamina”.

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Find the time to pursue your goals

How many times have we heard someone say, “I want to do thing x, but I just can’t find the time?” Or worse, we have said it ourselves. Then we wonder how successful people manage to be so successful? Did they invent themselves a time-machine or something? The simple fact is, that if something is…

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Pressuring yourself to succeed is a good way to fail

We’ve all done it. We have set ourselves a goal, made a plan, and spent the time and effort to reach our intended end-game and bask in our success. But it doesn’t always go that way. In fact, rarely. “Oh no!” I hear you cry. “Do you mean that everything you’ve written over the past…

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Be Kind To Yourself

“Be Kind to Yourself” 99c deal on Amazon!

Taking advantage of Amazon’s Countdown Deals, “Be Kind to Yourself” will be available to purchase (and keep forever!) on Amazon from the 14th to 21st of January for just 99c! Kindle Unlimited subscribers can still read for free, but if you would like to purchase a copy that will be yours even if you cancel…

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Why do you write?

For many years, I have had this intrinsic desire to write. It’s as innate a part of me as having blue eyes. Writing gives me an outlet to express thoughts from the simple to the complex, to present stories that are in my head. Mostly, writing is a creative release for me, when most of…

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Don’t be afraid to change your goals

Having a goal is a wonderful thing, especially if you are taking the necessary steps to work towards it.  A goal without a plan is simply a fantasy, and that helps no-one. However, neither does focusing on one particular outcome, without recognizing that your situation may have changed, the world in general is different, or…

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Find your focus, but leave time to live!

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time, or read my book, “Be Kind to Yourself”, would know that I spend a lot of time discussing achieving your goals, and focusing on that to completion. Keeping focus is vital to reaching our goals. We need to set a goal, make a (realistic)…

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