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I have always had an attraction to writing, as my blog entries over a number of years clearly indicate.  The act of transferring an abstract concept or idea, or creating a picture in the mind of the reader is something I find incredibly powerful.

Reading and reviewing work by other authors is one of two key skills involved in becoming a better writer.  Over at Unigon Plane, we focus on reading and reviewing independent authors.  This is enjoyable as we get to read interesting books that we may not have otherwise come across, and we promote independent authors who may be able to find a readership.

The second key skill to becoming a good writer is simply to write.  I exercise this skill to some extent by writing blog entries here and reviews over at Unigon Plane.  However, these are the artistic equivalent of a quick sketch.  The skill is not required to be as developed as for constructing a narrative, and doesn’t impose the same patience and “writing stamina”.

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Chapter 13 complete!

The next chapter was a little like the calm after the storm of excitement that happened in Chapter 12. It took a little longer to write, three weeks as opposed to the two weeks that it took to write the previous one. I was also busy with work and the kids on school holidays, but…

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Chapter 12 complete!

Just over two weeks after the completion of Chapter 11, Chapter 12 is now done! I seem to be back on track with The Body in the Building and things are progressing well. Chapter 12 was when the action really started to fire up. Nat’s life has gone from being in possible danger to very…

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Chapter 11 complete at last

Anyone who has followed me over the past year would be aware of my Twitter Fiction project. No doubt, they would have seen me charge ahead for a couple of months, then get more sketchy with my writing, before finally grinding to a halt some five months ago. As in my recent post, I’ve climbed…

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