Who am I?

I like to tell stories. There are lots of ways that stories may be told, but for me, I like to write and to sketch and sometimes paint, and on rare occasions, create 3D models and animations.

I’ve published a couple of books, drawn a few pictures, created some videos. How the story is told is not as important as the telling of the story itself.

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Fan Art Sketch Portraits

While I’ve tried to draw many things, either digitally or on traditional media, the one thing that has always scared me was drawing people. In particular, faces have been a source of sheer terror for me. My attempts at sculpting human features in Blender were not my best efforts. I have done some experimentation recently…

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Snowy Mountains Morning

This is my next attempt at watercolor, including attempting to draw a horse for the first time in somewhere around forty years! This one is called “Snowy Mountains Morning,” I tried to capture the quiet dawn in the mountains in a simpler time, that fresh stillness in the air that’s really only there in the…

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Saturday at Tallebudgera

I am trying to learn more about working with watercolors (got some of my own art supplies rather than borrowing the kids’ paints and things), so painted another little scene. This one is called “Saturday at Tallebudgera.” I made a few mistakes here and there so had to figure out how to adapt and move…

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2020 Hindsight

It struck me as, well, not funny, but ironic, that the year that everything went to hell was 2020. That 20-20 vision we always used to indicate perfect perception, then came a year that most of us would like to forget. 2020 has been a year of change, a year of adaptation, a year of…

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