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I have always had an attraction to writing, as my blog entries over a number of years clearly indicate.  The act of transferring an abstract concept or idea, or creating a picture in the mind of the reader is something I find incredibly powerful.

Reading and reviewing work by other authors is one of two key skills involved in becoming a better writer.  Over at Unigon Plane, we focus on reading and reviewing independent authors.  This is enjoyable as we get to read interesting books that we may not have otherwise come across, and we promote independent authors who may be able to find a readership.

The second key skill to becoming a good writer is simply to write.  I exercise this skill to some extent by writing blog entries here and reviews over at Unigon Plane.  However, these are the artistic equivalent of a quick sketch.  The skill is not required to be as developed as for constructing a narrative, and doesn’t impose the same patience and “writing stamina”.

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Week 2 – Story Tweet by Tweet

Well, the first weekly update post was a little early, while this one is a little late due to a crazy busy Saturday with family. But it’s close enough. Now two weeks into my #TwitterFiction project, I am pleased to say that it’s going really well! I managed to complete the first chapter on Tuesday.…

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Week 1 – Story Tweet By Tweet

Well, technically it’s not a week yet, but I thought I would set Saturday (my time) to be the day I post an update each week on my project of writing a story on Twitter. And so far, the process has been very interesting and enlightening! Interesting because I have had to take a very…

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Writing a story – on Twitter!

So this is one of those ideas that started, as most things do, with a problem. The History The problem I had is that with life, work, family, and still trying to build a profile as an indie author, I find it very difficult to actually find the time to write! I get frustrated when…

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My new historical fiction novel is underway!

I had a rough idea for a novel set during World War II rattling around in my brain for the past few months. I wasn’t really focusing on it as I was partway through another story already, a contemporary sci-fi novel. My work-in-progress seemed a bit stalled at the time, so it was rather a…

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Free promotion: “The Map in the Fortune Cookie!”

As I start to work on my third book, I am offering a free eBook promotion on my first novella, “The Map in the Fortune Cookie” for one day only on Amazon! From midnight 22nd February 2019, you can pick up a copy to keep. Some comments from reviewers of “The Map in the Fortune…

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Be Kind To Yourself

Review of “Be Kind to Yourself” by Didi Oviatt

My book, “Be Kind to Yourself” just received this wonderful review from the fabulous author and reviewer, Didi Oviatt. I loved this comment: “This isn’t your average self-help book, trust me I’ve read several… most of which are repetitive and cover all of the same things just in different words. I love that Jane has…

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