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I have always had an attraction to writing, as my blog entries over a number of years clearly indicate.  The act of transferring an abstract concept or idea, or creating a picture in the mind of the reader is something I find incredibly powerful.

Reading and reviewing work by other authors is one of two key skills involved in becoming a better writer.  Over at Unigon Plane, we focus on reading and reviewing independent authors.  This is enjoyable as we get to read interesting books that we may not have otherwise come across, and we promote independent authors who may be able to find a readership.

The second key skill to becoming a good writer is simply to write.  I exercise this skill to some extent by writing blog entries here and reviews over at Unigon Plane.  However, these are the artistic equivalent of a quick sketch.  The skill is not required to be as developed as for constructing a narrative, and doesn’t impose the same patience and “writing stamina”.

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Week 8: Story Tweet by Tweet

I can safely say that the last few weeks haven’t been my best for consistency. I went through a period of writer’s block, then a week of frenetic activity. Unfortunately, I found myself completely drained after that week of writing three chapters and made very little progress this past week. There is a lesson here…

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Week 7: Story Tweet by Tweet

Wow, what a difference between this week and last week! Last week I was stuck in a bout of writer’s block, when I was completely stuck in situ, wrestling with a plot point of the story. This week, I have charged ahead and completed three whole chapters. You read that correctly; THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS! “The…

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