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I have always had an attraction to telling stories. The act of transferring an abstract concept or idea, or creating a picture in the mind of another person is something I find incredibly powerful.

I have written several books, as well as fan-fiction stories in the Star Trek universe. Using the written word is a powerful medium, allowing the reader to develop their own interpretation of the image that the writer has in their mind.

It’s amazing how much we can gain from reading (and writing) both fiction and non-fiction. What matters is how it resonates with us.

Visual media is a wonderful way to convey a story to an audience such that it is immediately accessible, yet the impact of a well-constructed image or video may stay with us for a lifetime.

With today’s powerful computers and tools, digital art and film are almost unlimited in their ability to create almost perfectly realistic scenes. However, there is more than just amazing rendering to tell a story.

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