The power of positive thinking

For many people, it can sound a little facetious when they hear someone say to them “Think positive!”  They roll their eyes and think that it’s silly.  How can trying to be positive change anything?

We are what we think.  When we are negative, we focus on the flaws in every possible solution to our dilemma and discount it, often without having properly considered its value.  Then because we have a lack of alternatives at our disposal, we become even more negative and feel trapped or overwhelmed.

However, when we can be positive, every potential avenue is explored, even if only mentally and may be accepted or rejected based on its merits rather discounted out of turn.  There is a world of difference between being positive and overly optimistic.  Being positive does not mean that you are not realistic; it simply gives you the opportunity to explore possibilities that may work.  It’s having the mental preparation to try something, rather than simply giving up.

How can we take advantage of this?  Well, being positive or negative can be a habit, and like any other habit, it can be broken.  First, we need to recognize the signs of negativity where we say “There is no solution”, and instead tell ourselves “What could be a solution?”  If we do this each time, to take the positive option, we can train ourselves to become our automatic response.

Our attitude is life’s mirror, how we behave and react to it is often how it reflects back to us.  If you have the choice to live in darkness or in light, would you not choose the light?  The choice is yours 🙂

Life is for living.


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