Never fear to fail

Failure.  Even the word can put shivers down our spines.  The thought of failing can be utterly paralyzing and can prevent us from even trying to achieve something that we know we can do.

So why is it that we are so afraid of failing?  Is it that we are worried that we will be ridiculed by others?  In some situations, perhaps.  But this is unlikely to be the common case.  It’s a little voice in our heads that does the ridiculing, the little voice of doubt that sits on our shoulder and whispers “You can’t do this, you aren’t worthy!”  Failure isn’t permanent, it’s only by giving up that it becomes so.

When we feel this happen, one strategy that can be employed is to acknowledge that little voice, and say to it “Thank you for your opinion, but I know I can do this!”  It’s quite remarkable how this simple act can help to take its power away.

So what happens when a fear of failure is actually a fear of success?  Sometimes it is the fear of the unknown, the realization that success could move you from your comfortable little space that you’ve built for yourself.  The fear that the success will stretch you beyond what you are capable of.  Again this is often unfounded.  Change and growth is a part of life, and by simply trying you may be surprised by what you can achieve.

Whichever is the reason, it is important to realize that by rejecting the fear failure (or success!) and acknowledging but firmly rejecting our inner voice of doubt, we can achieve far more than perhaps we admit.  And if we fail, then we can always try again 🙂

Life is for living.


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