Let yourself shine!

Most of us underestimate ourselves.  We hold ourselves back and never achieve that which we know we can.  Part of the reason for this fear, fear of failure or success, as I discussed in another post recently.  However, a more insidious cause is that we often put too much stock in the opinions of others about our abilities.

By passively accepting other’s version of us, we let others allow ourselves to be labeled, cataloged and shelved.  We conform to that other perspective, the one that everyone believes we are.  It places constraints on what we can achieve.

We must learn to have the courage to break the shackles of arbitrary and self-imposed boundaries.  It is no accident that I use the tagline “Life is for living”.  It is.  We need to remember that our lives, while it is shared with others, is our own to lead and we must do what we feel is morally right for ourselves, not only what we are obligated to do.  That is not to say that we should abandon our responsibilities; it is more that we should not let our responsibilities define us.

Being who we are frees our minds so that it no longer need feel constrained into the box we put it into.  Loosen the ropes of expectation and let your spirit soar.  🙂

Life truly is for living.


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