“Be Kind to Yourself” releasing soon!

My first non-fiction book is nearing release!  “Be Kind to Yourself: Simple strategies for dealing with challenges” gives real, effective strategies for coping with the emotions that often lock us in place.

“Be Kind to Yourself” is intentionally brief.  When dealing with complicated issues, we often convince ourselves that complicated solutions are required to solve them.  However, the truth is that we already know what we must do, but we find ways to avoid them. 

Fear, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, these are frequently the obstacles that we need to clear before we can attack the real, underlying problem.  Once we understand this, we can put the fear to one side and our mind opens to possibilities we had discounted or not considered.

Sometimes all we need is to step back and recognize that fear and self-doubt are the challenges we need to face first.  Once we believe that success is not only possible but plausible, then we apply our whole mind to the solution.  That is when we have our best chance at success.

Life is for living.

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