“Be Kind To Yourself” published on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback!

My new non-fiction book, “Be Kind To Yourself: simple strategies for dealing with challenges” has now been released on to Amazon Kindle! If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read “Be Kind To Yourself” for free as part of the library scheme.  If you are based in the U.S., you can also purchase it as a paperback. 

I am very proud of this book; it contains the sum of the lessons that I learned when working through some difficult times in my life.  I can say with honesty that I used the approaches I outline in my book to deal with the challenges I faced in my own life, and they helped me to come out the other side intact.

“Be Kind To Yourself” doesn’t try to complicate what are in effect simple strategies.  Being mindful of our fears rather than overwhelmed by them is the key to overcoming them.  Once we disconnect the power we give our fears, we are capable of accomplishing anything we set our mind to!

Get your copy now at the Amazon Kindle Store!

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