Getting from “Almost Done” to Done

Getting from “Almost Done” to Done

How many people do you know that start on a new project or venture with an abundance of enthusiasm, only for it to slowly fade away and they never mention it again. When asked about it, they will offer a vague “Oh, I’m still working on it!”

Perhaps even look around your own house. How many unfinished projects are laying about or stuffed into wardrobes or cupboards? You know you want to finish them, but you never seem to quite find the time, or you have started something else that this time you will really finish!

We normally blame a lack of time for not finishing something, but in own hearts, we know that this is really an excuse. If we wanted to finish it, we would make the time, but instead we find ourselves doing something else. Anything else!

Why do we find it so hard to complete something that we know we really want to?

It is almost always that we are afraid. We are afraid that we will do it wrong, that others will laugh at the results, that what we create will not be as good as it could be. Fear is always the roadblock that we ourselves place in our path.

The problem lies in that we are often looking for external validation. We want someone else to tell us “Well done, you!” While receiving recognition from others is wonderful and to be cherished, the question to ask yourself is, why did you start this task in the first place?

Was it for others, or for yourself?

Once we let go of the perceived reactions from others and focus on our own reasons for wishing to take on this project, then the fear falls away. It is our own pleasure in performing the task and the result of our labors that becomes important. We are doing this thing for us, not for anyone else!

When it is done, look and say to yourself, “I DID it!” And be proud.

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