Building Community around Positive Thinking

Building Community around Positive Thinking

While I have written a lot on the topic of positive thinking and how we can try to change our attitude, I don’t understimate for a second just how difficult this can be. Sometimes we need a little support to help us when we are feeling overwhelmed and that it’s just too hard.

With the demise of Google+, which, despite its flaws, was a strong platform with its communities and especially in areas of mindfulness and wellness, many people are looking for alternatives so they can continue to interact and share ideas and thoughts that help to inspire. Most have spurned Facebook for this as, in recent years, it has become very commercial and impersonal.

To that end, I have started a community on the new social media platform, MeWe. While still small and building, when Google+ goes offline in April of 2019, it’s likely that alternative social media outlets such as MeWe will gain traction.

I invite you to join me over at MeWe in my Self-Awareness and Positive Thinking community. It’s free, there are no ads and no requests for post-boosting as there is on Facebook. Privacy is a high priority on MeWe; currently, posts are only shared with your contacts and inside any communities of which you are a member, although they are currently building in the feature to share things publicly if you so wish.

If you are interested in a place where you can talk about and share your ideas on self awareness and positive thinking, please consider joining my new community on MeWe at

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