We don’t have to face all our challenges alone

We don’t have to face all our challenges alone

I have spoken at length in my articles about the need to push past our fears and barriers so that we can take the steps forward that will take us towards where we want to go.  However, while it is important that we have our own motivation firmly in place,  we also need to recognise that we don’t always have to face everything on our own.

Sometimes, we just need to find someone we can talk to, to bounce ideas off, just to give us a place to articulate what it is that is holding us in place.  The very act of expressing our concerns can help us to think of them in a way that is less abstract, less scary, and becomes a tangible idea.

In that way, we can loosen its hold on us.

This is also true for when trying to find our own center, our place where we are happy.  It’s not that we should look externally for our happiness; rather, there are times when we need guidance from someone we can trust to perhaps remind us of what we already know, or to help us see things in a different light.

Our light comes from within, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when we could do with a torch.

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