Change doesn’t need to wait for the new year

Change doesn’t need to wait for the new year

It’s the end of the old year, and the beginning of the new. Across the globe, millions of people are setting new year’s resolutions for things that they wish to change as we flip our calendars over to 2019.

While this is admirable, we also are probably well aware how many times that we have set ourselves resolutions, and within a few weeks, they have fallen by the wayside into the “too hard” basket. Then, when we look back wistfully at it a few months later, we tell ourselves, “Oh well, I’ll fix that in the new year!”

Thus the cycle repeats, ad infinitum, and nothing ever gets done.

The thing is, we don’t have to wait for the new year to set ourselves goals. The New Year is an arbitrary tick of the clock, signifying one more lap of the Earth around the sun. If you find that this is sufficient motivation for you to step out of old habits, that’s wonderful and use it to your fullest advantage. However, it doesn’t have to be our catalyst.

Whether it’s the first day of the year, or some random Tuesday in May, the choice is always ours to act, or to not. Motivation must come from within, the desire to change something. And if we miss our new year’s resolution, pick it up whenever your desire to change it is sufficient to push you to do so.

To my readers, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and a piece of wisdom to take with you. The time to act is always now, whether now is the 1st of January, or any other day of the year. Because now is the only time we can act.

Life is for living.

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