Week 3 – Story Tweet by Tweet

Week 3 – Story Tweet by Tweet

Yes, it’s been three weeks already since I started my #TwitterFiction project, where I write an entire story on Twitter, tweet by tweet.

Over the last week, I have noticed an increase in interest in the project on Twitter. This is likely because the story is starting to develop and there is sufficient material now to carry it forward.

Chapter 2 was done and dusted on Tuesday and I moved on to Chapter 3. At the time of writing, the story had reached 5,488 words. By now, the main players are known, you have some idea as to who they are and how we get to the subject in the title of the book.

This week’s writing was interesting because now we really are starting to hit the object of the story and the pace is picking up. Hopefully, I have dropped enough clues as to what might happen, but not so much as to give the game away. That is always the danger of being a mystery writer; did I give enough information to hold interest but not have my audience guess whodunnit?

On that, I still find it quite funny that I have landed in writing this genre. I will admit that I love a good murder mystery, and watch plenty of TV shows that focus on that premise, my favorites being “Murdoch Mysteries” and “Death in Paradise.” I hope that my story is a little more involved when it’s complete, but I’d be happy if I can reach the level that the story writers generally do on those two shows.

My interest hasn’t waned in the slightest with this project, and I am genuinely enjoying this method of writing. It has achieved my aim of being able to progress a story when I was finding I had no time to do so. Apparently, there was more time available that I was admitting to.

So this week, we’ll be getting into the meaty part of the story of “The Body in the Building” and we start the mystery in earnest. If you’re interested in reading the story so far, then start with Chapter 1 here!

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