Week 7: Story Tweet by Tweet

Week 7: Story Tweet by Tweet

Wow, what a difference between this week and last week! Last week I was stuck in a bout of writer’s block, when I was completely stuck in situ, wrestling with a plot point of the story. This week, I have charged ahead and completed three whole chapters.

You read that correctly; THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS!

“The Body in the Building” is now the longest piece of fiction I have ever written, surpassing the length of “The Map in the fortune Cookie by 2000 words, with a significant chunk of the story to go. At the time of writing, the story is about 13,400 words.

The pace picked up in both the speed in which I have been writing as well as the pace of the story. No doubt the fact that the story is moving at a frenetic pace has influenced my desire to put it down on paper quickly. Even I am excited as the elements unfold, and I know what’s going to happen!

I think the other reason why the pace of my writing has quickened this week is because once I released the blockage I had imposed on myself with the story element I wasn’t committed to, all of the ideas behind that flowed out like water from a dam. The story has been more or less mapped out in my head, and even when stuck, my subconscious was continuing to work on the elements ahead.

Apart from the writing of the story itself, I also worked on the first cut of the cover art for the book when it’s complete and released as a body of work. That was fun as well. I won’t share this until closer to publication time, but it’s exciting to start to see the end in sight.

The following week will see us progress at perhaps a more normal pace, but that will remain to be seen as the excitement of the events as they unfold catches me, and of course, hopefully you, the reader.

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