Climbing back onto the wagon

Climbing back onto the wagon

I’d like to say that I have had important reasons for not writing much in the past few months. I could say that I got busy with training for my 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo. I could shuffle my feet and say that I got busy with work and some software development projects.

While these are true statements, they are still excuses.

The reason I haven’t been writing is that I haven’t been writing. It really is that simple. You can give a dozen different reasons saying why I haven’t had time, but none of them really hold up. They are excuses. In the end, it boils down to my not having prioritised writing.

I don’t really know why. I love writing, the creative process. It doesn’t take long to commit just a few paragraphs a day to paper, or computer, or whatever other medium takes the fancy. I enjoy crafting the story that I have mapped out to its conclusion. The whole point of my Twitter fiction project was to commit to writing every day. Even that fell by the wayside.

I could claim that it was fear, fear of ruining what I’ve been proud of creating so far. But that’s too easy, too. This isn’t my first rodeo, so to speak. I’ve published two books already and both were well received. So I don’t think that’s it.

During my life, I have always struggled with a limited attention span. I have a nasty habit of jumping from thing to thing, whatever the new thing that takes my interest. I have had to work bloody hard to achieve the things I have; multiple degrees, large projects, my black belt. I achieved these because I put value on them and powered through my tendency to divert.

Writing is important to me. It needs to fit into my schedule. It doesn’t take much, it doesn’t need to be all-consuming. But it is important and needs to be given the attention it deserves.

So I need to reprioritise it as something that I spend a little bit of time each day on and find that love of the creative process once more.

I will get there. I owe it to myself.

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