“The Body in the Building” available for preorders.

“The Body in the Building” available for preorders.

In the words of the theme song for Star Trek: Enterprise, it’s been a long road, gettin’ from there to here.

It has been that. I checked when I first started working on my #TwitterFiction project, and it was the 3rd of March last year. Just shy of one year since inception to near publication. And what a year it has been.

When I first started this project, the intention was to be a short story, nothing more. But the idea deserved more than that. My characters are people too, damn it!

Unfortunately, I had a lag for a few months around June, where I got distracted by other things and my writing fell by the wayside. I’m not proud of it, but nor can I change it, so I have to live with it. And perhaps what I came up with then wouldn’t have been the same as what I ended up with.

I’m proud of what I’ve created, and if that is the mark of success, then I have succeeded. Well, almost. I’m not quite done with writing the finale and epilogue.

Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be a problem, but I decided to put an end date on this project. To that end, I have set up a release date for “The Body in the Building” on Amazon of the 31st March 2020. Just over a month to write the last few thousand words and go through the editing process. It’s tight but possible.

So “The Body in the Building” is now available for preorders. It can be read on Twitter (some thousand tweets over the last year) or my site in the meantime, but it’s not formatted or easy to read that length of text.

Damnit, Jim, it’s a WordPress site, not a Kindle Paperwhite!

(In my defense of too many Star Trek references in this article, I’ve been watching Star Trek: Picard lately as well as writing another USS Montgomery short story in the meantime. I’m not really addicted to Star Trek, I could give up any time I like! Wait, did you say Discovery Season 3 is coming out at the end of the year? Sign me up, Scotty!)

To be fair, the final version won’t exactly match the version on Twitter. It will be close, I grant you, but I have some editing that needs to be done before I’m entirely happy with the result as its own release.

If you would like to preorder the Kindle edition, you can do it here. As an indie author, it’s sales that pay my bills, so if you read it online, or coming to it for the first time, grab your preorder now, and you can have your very own copy of “The Body in the Building.”

Sales help to support my habit of angrily tapping at keys on my computer and encourages me to continue to write. Or to keep my Star Trek theme going, so I can… live long and prosper.

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