“The Body in the Building” out now!

“The Body in the Building” out now!

It’s been over a year since I started writing this story. Starting life as my #TwitterFiction project, where I wrote everything on Twitter, with the exception of the ending (as that would have given it all away). It was an interesting method and it helped me get past my excuse for not having the time to write.

Writing the last few chapters was still taking longer than I would have liked, so I decided to put a hard limit on the timeframe and set a release date of the 31st March. I knew that was achievable, but required me to really put in the effort to finish.

At last, the manuscript was done and it went through the editing, ready for release. I made my deadline with a week or so to spare, which was a relief to finally be able to put the story out there.

“The Body in the Building” is set several months after my mystery novella, “The Map in the Fortune Cookie” and features Nat Shaw once again as my protagonist. It’s not a sequel, you don’t have to have read “Map” to understand “Body,” although I did do a couple of tie ins from the earlier story for those paying attention.

Nat finds herself in trouble again as she tries to uncover the source of water seeping into the basement of the shopping mall she has designed as its chief architect. She discovers a body left in the basement of the building with a cryptic note that puts her in danger and accused of both the murder of the man she found and of fraud.

Who is the man and who killed him? Why did he leave her a note? Why can’t she just have a quiet night in front of the TV like everyone else? Nat must find the answers to these questions before she ends up in jail, or worse.

I hope that you enjoy “The Body in the Building” as much as I have enjoyed writing it. You can find it on Amazon here.

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