Snowy Mountains Morning

Snowy Mountains Morning

This is my next attempt at watercolor, including attempting to draw a horse for the first time in somewhere around forty years! This one is called “Snowy Mountains Morning,”

I tried to capture the quiet dawn in the mountains in a simpler time, that fresh stillness in the air that’s really only there in the early morning. I was happy with the colors of the sky, but the ground turned out a bit more blue than I’d intended. It’s also hard to get everything dark enough with solid watercolors.

The horse was a bit of a challenge. I haven’t tried to draw or paint a horse in a very, very long time and I was not very good at it then, either. I did some sketches to practice before committing to painting one in. Originally, I was considering doing a cart and horse but decided to just stick with the horse in the end.

The cart would have been especially difficult to capture the detail in the wheels in watercolor, so I may leave that one to when I try some painting in acrylics.

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