About Jane Stockwell

Why I Write

For a long time, I have found writing to be cathartic.  I know how cliched this is, but it is actually true.  We all experience emotions, be they positive or negative, and sometimes we don’t understand why we feel as we do at that time.  When we are in the middle of a situation it can be difficult to reconcile how to process everything.

So this is where I come back to the cathartic effect of writing.  To express an idea, to articulate it in such a way that it can be transmitted to another person who not only may have a different set of experiences or perspectives but almost certainly will have.  And this is a powerfully positive thing; if we all viewed the world the same way then we’d no doubt still be living in caves.

The great thing is that we humans can learn so much from each other. Something that one person has experienced, can help another to handle something of their own. This is why I realized that publishing was important.

The act of distilling the emotional jumble that is the human experience to where it can be considered and acted upon.  For good or for ill, without the capacity to carry our ideas and our differences forward then we would be less than we are.

Who am I?

Contemplating housework in 2017

I am the type of person that will take others at face value; I judge people by deed or word, not by what others may say or do about them. I tend to be thoughtful and objective, but passionate about what is important to me.

I hold a first class honors degree in computer science and received an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship for a Ph.D. in 2006. I have published several articles in international peer-reviewed academic journals, none of which are particularly interesting 🙂

I also dabble digital art and some conventional art.

My Business: Intracept Technology – in case you find yourself in need of scary databases or strategic thinking about technological things.

I was born and raised in Queensland, Australia, where I currently live, read and listen to music with my partner musician & web developer, Benedict Roff-Marsh and two children.

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