My Books

I have written and published two books and I have also written a number of stories of Star Trek Fan Fiction. My books are available either from Amazon or from my publisher, Castledown:

Maps and Bodies

Natalie Shaw is an architect, and her idea of excitement is enjoying a coffee after a long day at work. She is dragged into a dangerous mix of fraud and murder she never dreamed of!

File As: Mystery
Published: March 2021
eBook: Castledown, Kindle
Physical: Paperback

Be Kind To Yourself

Be Kind To Yourself

We often find ourselves blocked and unable to move forward due to fear; fear of failing, fear of success, even fear of change. This book offers simple strategies for dealing with challenges and moving past our fear.

File As: Mindfulness
Published: December 2018
eBook: Kindle
Physical: Paperback

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