Digital Art

Just a couple of months ago, I started writing my latest novel. It is a science fiction story this time around, set in my own universe rather than creating fan fiction borrowing from Star Trek or another universe.

I realised that if I wanted to make a cover for the book with a scene reminiscent of the universe I was creating, then I needed to build a model of my ships (once I design them) so I could display them in an exciting scene. I was not keen on the idea of borrowing someone else’s idea for that either, so I decided to have a go with Blender to create models of my own.

I had always wanted to try 3D modeling and found that I absolutely love it and seem to have some skill in that direction, which surprised me at least as much as it would surprise anyone else. I’ve rapidly improved in skill and capability in the short time I’ve been using Blender and have a passion for it similar to I have for writing.

So I have expanded my page now to also cover the digital art work as well as my writing. In the end, it’s about creativity, be it by the written word or visual imagery.


Tall Ship and Coastline

My first attempt at an outdoor scene. Inspired by my children’s interest in “Pirates of the Caribbean” and based loosely off the Indefatigable from “Hornblower” by C.S. Forrester.

Glasses and Laptop

I saw my glasses on my laptop a few days ago and thought that it would make a great image.


We have a few LEGO figures around the house, it just looked like a fun thing to try to model.


My first attempt at making a real-world object as a photorealistic render.

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