Editing and Pricing

What I will do

My job is, quite simply, to help you tell your story by making it the best version of itself. A story can be a romance novel or a fantasy epic, but it can equally be a user manual for your latest product release. Every piece of writing has a story and an intended audience, the trick is to ensure that your audience gets your story without fumbling over the words.

I will review, edit and proofread your document or manuscript for spelling, grammar and readability and how well it targets your intended audience. This is why it is so important for you to talk to me before we start; I need to know what your goals are so that we can work together to ensure that those goals are met with your document.

I will give you the right words for the right audience, keeping your voice. What I can’t do is guarantee that you will have a bestseller. Anyone who tries to tell you that they can is not being truthful.


My pricing model is simple and consistent. You can choose to hire me directly, paying via Paypal (my preference), but if you are uncomfortable with paying some random person off some random website, you can also hire me via Upwork. Either way, the rules and outcomes are similar. Once we have agreed on either a price or a number of hours, fees must be paid upfront before I can start.

I will always need to see the document prior to starting any job so I can get an idea of your writing style and the intended audience.

< 1,000 words$25 USD
> 1,000 words$25 USD per 4,000 words or part thereof
Web site$25 USD per hour, minimum of 1 hour per page
Thesis or journal article$25 USD per hour, the time required is dependent on the density of the material

While I can do next day turnaround on smaller jobs, unless specifically agreed, I will need to have your manuscript or document for anywhere between a few days to a week or more, depending on the size of the document and its density. I have learned through long experience that trying to edit a 60,000-word novel in one sitting invariable leads to a loss of concentration and therefore errors sneaking in. I prefer to take a little more time to do the job right and give it a day before going back over to read again before I deliver it to you.

I’ve mentioned this in my Frequently Asked Questions (which I assume that you will have read if you have engaged me), but I do not give unlimited revisions once I’ve finished editing. I will take one look over your document/manuscript after you have made minor changes following my edits, but I will not redo the whole job if you choose to rewrite your document. Of course, if I’ve made a mistake, then I will fix that for you, but if more work is required, then I will quote the amount of effort and you can choose whether or not to engage me to do that additional work.

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