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Apart from my published books, I have always wanted to have a go at creating fan fiction in both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. These are, of course, completely unpublishable without permission from the intellectual property holders of both franchises, but I can still create short stories and movies in those universes as long as they remain free.

Star Trek

Daedalus in Danger

Daedalus in Danger

Daedalus in Danger was my very first attempt at telling a story in film. It began when I was first learning how to model in Blender, a 3D CGI modeling and rendering tool.

The story is set in Star Trek: The Original Series timeline and features both the USS Enterprise and the USS Woomera, a Constitution-class starship of my own creation coming to the rescue of the titular ship, the USS Daedalus from Romulan marauders. You can read the short story here or watch it on YouTube here.

USS Montgomery: First Command

When I wrote USS Montgomery, I realized that it would make an interesting story to actually tell how Lieutenant Commander Arienne Landy took command of the old Constitution-class refit vessel, the USS Montgomery.

“USS Montgomery: First Command” is considerably longer than the original short story; it is novella length, about 1,500 words longer than “The Map in the Fortune Cookie.”

I’ve become more comfortable writing in the genre and in the Star Trek universe, so I hope you enjoy the story!


For those of you who love the voyages of one of the last of the Constitution class ships – the USS Montgomery, you’ll find a new origin story for her captain delightful! Jane Stockwell has given us a wonderful new novella, First Command. The story finds Lt Cmdr Arienne Landy facing a difficult scenario and a choice with no winners. Still reeling from a mission that ended badly, the young, hotshot Commander finds herself awarded with her own command due to a mix of talent and favouritism from her Admiral grandfather. Now, thrown in the deep end, Arienne finds that having what you wished for includes discovering that everything isn’t just about you….

Sean O’Keefe, editor for “Trekkie Fan Fiction”, from Facebook

USS Montgomery

This is my very first attempt at writing fan fiction. It is set late in the Star Trek: The Original Series timeline and is actually based on my favorite ship and character that I play from time to time on Star Trek: Online. I have written it in the vein of a Star Trek episode. The story is no doubt unintentionally familiar, even if it is actually an original work.

I wrote this story surprisingly quickly, and it is about half as long as my novella, “The Map in the Fortune Cookie.” I will admit to not having gone through strenuous editing as it isn’t in any way publishable.

I hope you enjoy USS Montgomery!


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your story, “Montgomery”, on the trekkie fan fiction site and wanted to thank you for writing it and sharing it with the rest of us.

I thought the story was a clean well written little tale. Even though we’ve just been briefly introduced to the characters, you managed to give me a “feel” for them over a very short period of time which is not the easiest thing to do.

I have a soft spot for the Constitution’s and their stories and I very much liked the idea of such a ship near the end of the life for the type. That’s something of a dead zone in existing stories so it was a nice little twist that added interest to the story.

Alei (comment on site)

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