Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me?

I will review, proofread, and edit your book, user or tech manual, business requirement documentation, functional specification, design documentation, or architecture documentation.

I will:

  • Correct spelling errors;
  • Clean up grammatical errors;
  • Ensure that your documentation is clear and concise; and
  • Advise you if an image or diagram is unclear.

I will not:

  • Fact check your document for technical accuracy;
  • Create or modify images, diagrams, or charts within your document; or
  • Do homework or university assignments.
Do you include revisions when you edit my document or manuscript, and if so, how many?

The simple answer is I will take one look over your document/manuscript after you have made minor changes following my edits, but I will not redo the whole job if you choose to rewrite your document. If more work is required, then I will quote the amount of effort and you can choose whether or not to engage me to do that additional work.

Naturally, if I have made a mistake, I will happily fix it, but I do not offer “unlimited revisions.” This is partly because that is so utterly implausible and the job would ever actually be finished, but mostly because when someone offers unlimited revisions, it’s because they don’t believe they can ever get the job right.

If you provided incorrect information in the first place, this is not covered as a revision.

English is not my first language. Can you make my document read professionally?

Yes, I am a native English speaker with multiple university degrees and will ensure that your document uses professional, idiomatic English as appropriate. I have worked in Enterprise environments for many years and will edit your document to a professional standard.

What kinds of technical documentation will you edit?

Any technical or business-based documentation such as user or tech manuals, requirements documents, functional specifications, design documents, or architecture documents. I won’t edit or write tender responses for you.

What if I use specific technical terms? Will you check that spelling?

Look, I will do what I can, but if your document is full of references to a dihexacyclotriceratops, I will have to assume that you have spelled this correctly as there is no way I can know if the spelling is or isn’t correct.

Why don’t you fact check?

Simply put, my job is to ensure that your story is told in the best way possible, able to be understood by your key stakeholders. Your job is to make sure that you are telling the right story. There are a thousand ways that a technical detail may be incorrect, I am not an expert on your system.

Will you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)?

No, because it’s not necessary. Any work that I am shown is already covered under commercial-in-confidence and as such, non-disclosure agreements are not required.

Will you edit PhD theses, academic papers or assignments?

Yes, I have experience editing (and writing!) PhD theses and academic papers ready for publication. However, I will not do your homework for you, as this is cheating and against the guidelines of most universities, colleges and schools.

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