Glasses and Laptop

Glasses and Laptop

Back to something as close to a photo-realistic model as I could make it. I had my glasses sitting on my laptop a few days ago, and thought that it would make an interesting subject to model.

You can see the level of detail I went to with the nosepiece in the glasses – even the screws have screw heads on them. The Dell logo on the laptop was created as an SVG in Inkscape, then converted to a mesh in Blender, before I inset it and set the chrome texture. The coffee even has a meniscus and has an opacity with depth (not just a block of colour).

There are no photos used in textures here. EVERYTHING is CGI, including the wood texture on the desk, which was done using a series of modifiers in the renderer. When I did the toaster, I took a couple of pictures of our benchtop and the splashback in the kitchen for the world background. This time, it’s all done in CGI. There’s even some random bumpiness in the mug and the wall behind so that it doesn’t look so perfect.

I am really, really proud of this, it turned out way better than I expected and I learned so much more from the process. LEGO man even made an appearance!

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