The Map in the Fortune Cookie




What would you do if you found a map inside a fortune cookie? Natalie Shaw is an architect for a leading firm. She works long hours and spends far too much on takeaway. Her life suddenly becomes much more interesting when she discovers a blood-stained, hand-written map inside a fortune cookie that came with her takeaway Chinese dinner. Who put it there and why?

Nat finds herself dragged into a world of danger and intrigue when all she really wanted was something to have with her coffee after a long day at work.

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Length: 37 pages

Release Date: September 2018


This quick and cozy little mystery novella is delightful. I wish I had realized how short it was a long time ago when I first downloaded it. I would have devoured it that very day. I’ve had it marked on my list as ‘currently reading’ for weeks, just so that it didn’t get lost in my every growing ‘To be read’ list to never be seen again. This is Jane Stockwell’s debut novella, and she did a fantastic job! I’ve had my eye on her, via watching her book reviews. Her writing and opinions is always professional and on point, so when she came out with this book, I couldn’t pass it up!

The Map in the Fortune Cookie is a bite sized mystery that’s is easily enjoyed in one sitting. Natalie is an architect on the verge of completing a very large job. She’s offered a few complimentary fortune cookies after a late night meal at her favorite Chinese restaurant, with which she makes an odd discovery. There’s a small map placed inside of the cookie. This isn’t any map either… It’s vaguely drawn, with a disturbing discoloration, much like blood. Natalie is offset, and her curiosity of the map quickly becomes insatiable. Once her big job is finished, she can’t rest until the mystery of the map is unraveled.

With the help of all she has access to at the office in terms of maps and more, along with the assistance of a man she’d dated the past, Natalie’s adventure progresses. Clue’s unravel, and dangerous situations are laid at her unexpected feet. Together, what they unravel is much bigger than anything she could have imagined.

Much happens in the mere 50 pages of this novella. Jane achieves the difficult task of developing characters in such little time flawlessly. The setting is impeccable. I’m hoping the next book of Jane’s will be a little longer, as I’ll most definitely be reading more of her stuff!

Didi Oviatt via Goodreads


The author created a suspenseful tale that kept me perched at the edge of my seat. The well-written storyline took me on an adventurous ride plagued with danger and intrigue. The pages flew by and held me captive as I was propelled from one exciting scene to the next; there’d be no slowing down. Anyone looking for a quick read that’s guaranteed to hijack your imagination, look no further, this one is for you.

Natalie (Nat) Shaw, chief architect worked for Anderson and Anderson. She had burned the midnight oil many a night for the sake of completing projects that demanded tight budgets and deadlines. Usually, with not enough allowable time to spend preparing dinner after a long’s day work, Nat frequently visited Peking Garden, her favorite Chinese restaurant. One fateful night she was presented with a fortune cookie that would change her life forever.

Paul Falk via Goodreads

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