I have been playing around with Blender now for about a month. I have been enjoying it immensely, learning how to create models and textures.

This is my first attempt at trying to create a photorealistic (or close to) of an object. I chose our toaster for no good reason other than it seemed like something I could do. It took me about a day, and I made everything from scratch. Even the textures were made in Inkscape with the branding and labels. The only photos are of our benchtop and the kitchen tiles that I’m using for a background.

I am absolutely gobsmacked at how well it turned out with barely four weeks of using Blender. Unfortunately, I didn’t take screenshots as I constructed each of the elements, so they kind of just appear mysteriously to be complete as I add each one to the finished product. Some of those steps took several hours to get the finer detail right. The hardest one was the outer skin of the toaster – for something that looks so simple, it was really complex.

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